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The Market Research Society of Nigeria [MRSN] is the professional body for those using survey techniques for market, social, economic and/or opinion research in Nigeria. The MRSN was established in 1996 and was formally registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in 1998.

The Market Research Society of Nigeria is similar and/or equivalent to the Market Research Society of the United Kingdom, which was established in 1946 and had a Membership of over 8000 in more than 50 countries, at the beginning of the 21st Century.

The Market Research Society is the world’s largest international membership organization for professional researchers and others engaged in [or interested in] market, social and opinion research. Today, the Market Research Society operates in the following British Commonwealth countries, to wit: United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, etc. Its equivalent in the United States of America [USA] and Canada, is the Institute for Social Research/Survey Research Centre [a consortium of over twenty [20] American and Canadian Universities and Organizations.


The Centre for Performance Measurement Market Research [ CPMMR ] – Nigeria is the operations centre of the Market Research Society of Nigeria, bringing together the operational activities of market, performance, economic, social and opinion researchers, within Nigeria survey research organizations.

The Operations Centre undertakes survey and applied research activities and interviewing on behalf of the Market Research Society of Nigeria, for Clients and Customers by setting research objectives that require the clear identification of what the research was designed to find out, or ‘ what we want to know at the end of it’.

The Centre for Performance Measurement and Market Research [CPMMR]-Nigeria has established specific areas of considerable expertise by concentrating on key sectors within Applied Research and Consultancy.

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